The 2 Bedroom with terrace

Sun-kissed  Sanctuary

Watch your face light up in the golden sunset as you stay in this beautiful, fully furnished 270-square-meter, two-bedroom home that features a stunning 120-square-meter private sunset terrace/garden, a huge master bedroom and standard bedroom with attached balconies offering a view of the Manama skyline, and plenty of sunlight that shines through the wide glass windows, providing you a warm glow throughout the apartment.

The spacious master bedroom, a haven of comfort and tranquility, features an attached balcony that extends your living space into the open air. Step out onto this private haven and relish the breathtaking views of Manama’s skyline, a mesmerizing panorama of urban lights twinkling against the twilight sky. The standard bedroom, equally inviting and cozy, boasts its own balcony, providing a private vantage point to admire the city’s vibrant energy.

With its generous proportions, abundance of natural light, and thoughtfully designed spaces, this two-bedroom apartment is a masterpiece of urban living.